Rug Roller

Works the rug cleaning solutions deep into the rug fibers. Also used as a squeegee that helps remove urine & water from the rug. Stainless steel construction, 2” roller & 20” wide path. Grab handle & cushioned handle grip is included for ease of use.  12” weights up to 100lbs may be added to improve efficiency (plastic coated weights recommended to prevent rust) 

Products & Parts

Rug Grid

Galvanized steel. Available in 2 sizes: 6'x10' & 6'x12'. Rolls up for easy cleaning. Usually bought in pairs. Tyvek or similar product is used beneath the grids to catch the dirt from the dusting process.  This prevents the rug from resting in the removed dirt.

Coming Soon

Information will be available soon.    


Coming Soon

Information will be available soon.

Wash Pit

Galvanized steel that locks together with toolless installation. 2' support beams for floor. Slanted floor for drainage into a 10 inch trough. Available in optional sizes.

Rug Centrifuge

is available in two sizes.  Model 1050 is 10’5” long. Model 1350 is 13’5” long.  The inner diameter is 18” and the inside & outside tubes are stainless steel. 4 corner air ride & hydraulic suspension for quieter & vibration free operation.  Power supply can be set up to run either single or 3 phase power.  Separate PLC controls for speed with reverse jog feature (re-rolls rug).  Built in rinse system with a 1” port. Spins up to 1400 rpms for maximum rinse & water removal.  Baldor Gold Series Motor.  1 year limited warranty.

Rug Duster

Weighs 90lbs, 1HP motor, adjustable handle, 25” cleaning path.  The double ended vibro straps rotate counter clockwise at 47,000 vibrations/minute. A vacuum port is included for dust collection & environmental safety.

Manual Rug Lifter

Manual lifter consists of a stainless steel pole and stands. The pole slides into the rolled up rug so it can be lifted onto the conveyor or removed from the centrifuge.

Casters - Rug Drying Tower

Makes the Rug Drying Towers more versatile by allowing them to be mobile.  Roll it outside to dry rugs or move it around your rug cleaning area to create extra space. 1000lb rigid casters.

Our Products

Duster Cub

Weighs 65lbs, ½ HP motor, adjustable handle, 15” cleaning path.  The double ended Vibro straps rotate counter clockwise at 15,000 vibrations/minute. No vacuum port is included. 

Manual Rug Conveyor

Used to load a wet rug into the centrifuge or move rugs easily from one section of the wash area to another. 10' long conveyor on casters that includes stainless steel roller tubes.

Wash Pit

Painted steel that locks together with toolless installation. 2' support beams for floor. Slanted floor for drainage into a 10 inch trough. Available in custom sizes.

Powered Rug Lifter

Consists of a stainless steel pole and winch system that lifts & loads the rug in & out of the centrifuge.

Our Products

CX 20

1 HP Motor, 119 lbs, 17” Pad Driver​


SnapEncap is a neutral cleaning solution that can be used for carpet cleaning and area rug cleaning.  Available by the gallon or 4/case.

Square Rinse Wand

Stainless steel construction, grab handle for ease of use, brass hose connector with an on/off valve that connects to a water hose.  The flat surface improves the efficiency for wetting, rinsing, & flushing the rug to remove soap & urine. 

Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Manual EZ Rug Tower Pro Max

Consists of 6 cross beam rug hanging slots and includes rug lifting/hanging ladder rungs. Adjustable width between Dry Tower sides (2’x12’ studs recommended). Schedule 40 PVC or corrugated sewer pipe is recommended to cover the studs to prevent creases in the rugs while drying.  Heavy rugs can be lifted by one person using the ladder rungs.  Bonus hanging area for shorter rugs (6’).

Automated Rug Tumbler Duster

Available in 8’x4’x4’ and 10’x4’x4’ models. The inside tubes are stainless steel. Forward & reverse interval rotations run from 2-30 minutes.  Total duration run time is 30 minutes to 5 hours and has lock out safety controls. A cyclone dust collection system with 2100cfms is included.  The front doors are spring loaded vacuum tubes for easy opening. The lower dust collection trays are on rollers for heavy particle removal.

Powered Drying Tower

Uses a winch & pulley system to automatically raise wet rugs for drying.  Schedule 40 PVC or corrugated sewer pipe is recommended to cover the hanging bars to prevent creases in the rugs while drying.

Available models:
Drying Tower 10 poles:                      Drying Tower 6 poles:
13’ long x 10’ high                              13’ long x 10’ high
16’ long x 10’ high                              13’ long x 12’ high 
16’ long x 12’ high.                             Custom sizes available
  • Oscillating pad machine that rests on its wheels &
           easily glides as it cleans
  • Available with or without the spray system
  • Brush or T-Lok Pad Driver available
  • Adjustable locking handle for comfortable use
  • Tile & Grout brushes available
  • Rubber bumper helps protect objects while cleaning
  • Dual head external spray jets
  • 60 psi pump
  • 4 gallon tank
  • Pad Driver flips up so pads can easily be changed without changing the tank position or spilling the solution
  • May be used with cotton pads, fiber pads, or polyester pads